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Choosing The Right Type Of Range Cooker


If you want the simplicity of one fuel type or you donít have a gas supply to your kitchen Ė an electric range cooker is the natural choice. Electric comes in two hob types: prompt ceramic cookers and the latest induction cookers. Each type has benefits which complement particular styles of cooking and types of kitchen.


A popular choice Ė gas cookers provide the kind of instant control over hob and oven temperature thatís difficult to beat. There are two options, the more widespread natural gas and LPG. If you're a fan of Oriental food then the high speed wok-burners on most range cookers are ideal.

Dual Fuel

Range cookers with dual fuel are excellent if you want the best of both worlds Ė the immediate precision of gas hob burners, and the balanced, efficiency of an electric oven. Dual fuel cookers make the perfect cooking machine for keen amateurs and professionals alike.


Liquid Petroleum Gas, or LPG, isnít as common as the other fuel types, but the concept offers a fantastic way to enjoy many of the benefits of a natural gas cooker, even when thereís not a mains gas supply to your kitchen. Just connect your range cooker to a bottle of LPG and youíre ready to go.

Built In

If you need an appliance to fit in within a more rigid, fitted kitchen setup, then a built-in range cooker is exactly what you need. Ideal if you want to get a fully-integrated look.