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Different Types of Cooker Hoods

Chimney Hoods

A chimney hood looks like a chimney descending from the ceiling, and adds character to any kitchen.

Island Hoods

Similar to a chimney hood, an island hood is mounted to the ceiling instead of against a wall.

Canopy Hoods

A canopy hood is designed to fit into the base of a wall cupboard and its controls are located on the underside. These hoods are generally only visible from below.

Integrated Hoods

An integrated cooker hood is built into your kitchen furniture and is covered by a cupboard door which matches your kitchen.

Traditional Hoods

Traditional hoods can be mounted directly to the wall or suspended beneath a reduced height wall cupboard.

Venting / Recirculating

Cooker hoods work best when venting smells and fumes out of the kitchen through an outside wall. A ducting kit - normally sold separately - is needed for installation. If ducting is not possible then air can be recirculated using filters.