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Choosing the Right Type of Electric Hob

Standard Electric Hobs

This is the older design of hob with cast-iron plates. Modern solid plates hobs are quicker than older versions, but still relatively slow compared to today's alternatives, such as ceramic and induction hobs.

Ceramic Hobs

Ceramic hobs are much easier to keep clean than traditional electric hobs. A ceramic hob uses radiant heat from an electric heating element concealed under the glass of the hob.

Induction Hobs

Induction hobs are even easier to keep clean than ceramic models. The areas around the cooking zones remain cool even during cooking, so if food is spilt or boils over it won't burn on the surface. Induction hobs use strong electromagnets positioned below the ceramic cooking zones. This transfers the heat to the pan and the hob doesn't get hot. These hobs can only be used with ferrous metal bottomed pans.

Frameless Hobs

Frameless ceramic and induction hobs have a facetted front edge which makes them even easier to keep clean.